Diets for 2012

It’s that time of year where everyone starts thinking about their New Years Resolution, and of course their NEW diet for 2012.

Here are some popular diets LAC members have been using, that you might want to consider too.

Primal Blueprint… A modern take on the Paleo diet, more than just diet, it’s a lifestyle.

Paleo Diet for Vegans… No meat paleo diet approach

The Paleo Solution… Robb Wolf’s popular version of paleo, works for athletes

Gaps Diet… Heal your gut and digestive system

Lean Gains… Intermittent Fasting + bodybuilding approach

Weston A. Price… based upon historically healthy cultures

Everyday Paleo… Paleo Diet for Moms and young families
The Optimal Diet… Dr. Jan Kwasniewski’s popular (in Europe) high-fat diet

Precision Nutrition… John Berardi’s nutrition coaching service

Perfect Health Diet… Another Paleo diet, emphasizing health, not athleticism

The IF Life… The 2 meal a day Solution

Archevore… Formerly known as Paleo 2.0

The Warrior Diet… One of the original fasting diets for athletes (another article HERE)

Michael Pollan… Popular book of eating rules

The Hair Loss Diet.… A dietary solution to hair loss

Wheat Belly Diet… from Dr. Davis of the HeartScan Blog

Eat like a Predator not Prey… Another paleo type diet

Whole 30 Diet… 30 day paleo challenge diet

Whole9 | Let us change your life.