NEW! Cybex SPARC Trainers

More “Get on and Go”  Interval Training Cardio!  This week it’s 6 new SPARC Trainers from Cybex. (Last week it was 6 new Woodway Curves)

The SPARC Trainers are perfect for HIIT style workouts.  What is HIIT?

“HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods.” via Daily Burn

Check out this summary of the SPARC HERE and check out the videos at the bottom of the post.


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More HIIT cardio! New @cybexintl Arc Trainers called SPARC’s

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Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

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NEW Woodway Curve Treadmills

Check out our six new treads from Woodway!  These are perfect for “Get on and GO”,  HIIT-style training.

New treadmill day! via @woodwaytreadmills

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The new Woodway Curve treadmills are in a new category of cardio equipment called “get on and go” cardio.  Similar to the air-dyne or Concept2 rower, you can just “get on and go” without programming the display.  They are great for interval training, sprints and especially HIIT-style training.  Find out more info on the Woodway website HERE and a training manual is HERE.

 “Woodway Curve Treadmills, have a slight curve to them, have a belt composed of a series of planks rather than a smooth surface and as you may have noticed, they have no “on” or “off” button. That’s because you manually power the treadmill…YOU ARE THE MOTOR! Because you are powering the treadmill, you control the speed and the pace rather than the treadmill doing that for you. Since you’re doing the work, you are able to burn up to 30 percent more calories compared to when running on a traditional treadmill.”  –via LINK


“The Curve’s design also helps improve and correct your running form and ensures you have a more efficient stride. When you use the Curve consistently, you are able to develop a proper movement pattern and muscle memory which improves your running form outside of the gym.  If you over-stride, the Curve will not move and it does not allow for an exaggerated lean forwards or backwards while in motion.”  –via LINK

A Midsummer Night’s Run, a Lexington Tradition

LAC members!  Are you running in the Midsummer Night’s Run?  If you haven’t registered yet we have a discount code that can save you a few bucks.  Click on team pricing then use promo TEAMLAC at checkout to save some cash!

Register HERE



Thursday, August 9th from 12noon-7pm — Malibu Jack’s Lexington (2520 Nicholasville Rd, Lexington, KY 40503)

Friday, August 10th from 12noon-7pm — Macy’s Department Store (3301 Nicholasville Rd, Lexington, KY 40503)

You may pickup packets for friends and family without credentials, ID or paperwork.  We encourage all local Central Kentucky participants to pickup their packet on Thursday or Friday during this 14-hour opportunity to make your race day experience the best it can be.  There will be limited “out of town” race day packet pickup at the Courthouse Plaza from 4-8pm on Saturday, August 11th.


  • 4:30PM  Onsite Registration & Packet Pickup Opens
  • 6:00PM  Fastest Kid in Town Races
  • 7:00PM  1 Mile Run/Walk
  • 7:50PM  Pre-Race Program/Welcome
  • 8:00PM  A Midsummer Night’s Run 5K
  • 8:20-10:30PM  Post Race Celebration & Band

Happy 4th!

🏋️‍♀️ 🌭 🇺🇸 🥧 🎉

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Memorial Day Hours

Memorial Day Schedule

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Happy Easter


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SNOW Update 3/12/18

Wow, what a snowfall for March!  Lexington Athletic Club will open at 8am (hopefully!)

Morning classes are canceled.

Playroom opening at 8am.

Snow update: Monday 3/12/18 open at 8am

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Snow Update 01/16/18

Snow Update 3:55pm 01/16/18:

Good afternoon, it looks like we made it through the worst of the snow.  We are open regular hours tonight (until 11p) and the Playroom (babysitting) will be open as well (4p-9p).  All classes are canceled except for Tabata Boot Camp.

Unless conditions worsen overnight, we are planning to be open regular hours on Wednesday.



earlier today

Snow update 01/16/18:
As of now, we are planning on being open regular hours, 5am-11pm.
—evening classes, Playroom, and other programming, TBD.

Snow Update

Good Morning All!  As of now, we are attempting to be open regular Saturday hours (7a-7p) with regular programming.

Be careful out there!