New Equipment Coming Soon!

We have three new pieces of equipment ordered that should be arriving soon! *UPDATE*  Equipment should arrive the week of Feb 13!                                 Two new Smith Machines by Lifefitness                       […]

18 Inspiring Health and Fitness Mantras

via From inspiring slogans and manifestos to motivational ads and billboards, there’s no shortage of inspiration to start the year off right. These messages are helping The Greatist Team make 2012 our happiest, healthiest, and fittest year yet. Be Bold (via Be Brave (via Be Accountable (via Take a Stand (via Make Waves Image Courtesy of Lululemon […]

The Complete Guide to Interval Training



            via  by Adam Bornstein I’m going to warn you: This might be tough for you to read and you might not like everything I have to say. But if you accept this advice as a genuine solution, you will achieve your goals in 2012. New Year’s Resolutions are […]