The Definitive Guide to Low Level Aerobic Activity

via Mark’s Daily Apple Maybe you’ve found yourself feeling self-conscious on evening walks while five people pass you (perhaps twice) in their best running forms. Perhaps you spent the day at the lake canoeing or hiking around the beach and later felt guilty for not having made it to the gym. Or maybe you’re frustrated […]

10 Ways to Remain Athletic as You Age

10 Ways to Remain Athletic as You Age via Eric Cressey Back in my early-to-mid-20s, my focus shifted into powerlifting and away from a “traditional” athletic career. While I got a ton stronger, I can’t say that I felt any more athletic. In hindsight, I realize that it was because I trained strength at the exclusion […]

Snow Update: 02/16/2016

LAC is OPEN! Hours: 5am-11pm Group Exercise: Morning classes officially canceled. (FCPS called off school)  

Snow Update

Tuesday February 9, 2016:  LAC is OPEN    

13 Healthy Ways to Begin the Day

Via Mark’s Daily Apple Ah, morning. It’s an alternately grim and comical scene in most American households. There’s the snooze parade, rumpled faces, chronic grouchiness, catatonic showers, coffee frenzy, mad dashes, and neon colored breakfast with cartoon characters (fun prize included!). We’re quite a species to behold at 6:30 a.m. What can we do to […]