What to do after you’ve blown your calorie budget.

via WebMD Let’s face it: Everyone blows his or her calorie budget every now and then. But you can forget that old saying, “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips.” You can get your eating back on track. Here’s how. First, Relax You need some perspective. You need to eat 3,500 calories to […]

Fat Loss 101 – Master the Basics

  Hey Lexington!  Here are some great basics to get you started losing fat! Via Fitness Spotlight It seems most everyone is looking to lose some weight (namely fat), but with all the conflicting information out there it just gets more and more confusing for the average person to know what to do? Let’s back it up a […]

Strength Training And Hypertrophy For Women Over 40

via Breaking Muscle and Amanda Thebe I’d like to persuade all women over 40 to start strength training for hypertrophy. Now, before you sta rt panicking that I am trying to make you big and bulky, let me explain why it is important for women over 40 to strength train rather than just stick with […]

3 Swim Workouts for Runners

via (info about the Lexington Athletic Club pool HERE) There’s only so many miles that you can run in a week. At some point, no matter how fast or fit you are, your body will break down from the repetitive stress that running places on the joints of the lower extremities. The good news: […]

CrossFit in Lexington, KY

LAC CrossFit at Lexington Athletic Club Perhaps you’re a member at another CrossFit box in the Central Kentucky area, but you need an indoor pool, track, sauna, etc. for training through the winter or to get ready for the CrossFit season.   Now’s a great time to get a short term membership at LAC CrossFit  […]

How to Get Big and Strong Without Becoming a Mess

via SpotMeBro and Mark Sisson To gain muscle, we’re told to eat everything in sight. We’re told to drink a gallon of milk a day, or to pour olive oil over a pizza before eating the entire thing in one sitting, or even to eat fast food for every meal – all in the indiscriminate […]

Winter Triathlon Training

Where’s the best place to triathlon train in Lexington? Lexington Athletic Club!  …Especially in the winter offseason! —Olympic size pool?  Check! —longest indoor running track in Kentucky?  Check! —Spin classes?  Check! (12 per week and their included!) —CrossFit and cross-training? Check! (CrossFit Boot Camp classes are included too!) And check this out:  You can join […]