Don’t Count the Pounds: Why Muscle Mass Is Important

via FitSugar Why Muscle mass is important It’s hard not to stare at the scale after resuming your fitness routine once the holidays are over. Dinner tables covered with scrumptious dishes, and festive drinks and treats can quickly do a number on your overall body weight. But getting back in shape after indulging during the […]

Fitness Tip of the Week: The Power of WALKING!

Does walking sound wimpy to you?   Well, the health benefits definitley aren’t!  Check out this powerful and creative “whiteboard” explanation by Dr. Mike Evans of the benefits of walking. At Lexington Athletic Club you have lots of choices when beginning a walking program.  We have a long indoor track (6.5 laps per mile), thirty […]

What is the single best thing you can do for your health?

What is the single best thing we can do for our health?  

Ultimate Guide to Pull-Ups

Pull Ups: How To Do Pull Ups Resources (Pull Ups 101) What muscles do pull ups work?  How can I increase my pull ups: with weights or reps?  How do you achieve that first pull up? What’s the difference between a chin up and a pull up?  via MC at Begin to Dig.  Check out […]

One hour + 3 cardio machines = Lots of calories!

Try this simple cardio workout the next time you need to burn some major calories.  Pick three different machines, and go for 20 minutes on each.  You could try incline treadmill walking, elliptical work and then finish with the bike. 20 minute treadmill + 20 minute elliptical + 20 minute bike = CALORIES Using three […]

What to Eat and What to Avoid for Lifelong Health

Mark Sisson over at Mark’s Daily, is one of the best fitness and nutrition writers out there.  His stuff is easy to ready, well thought out and makes a lot of sense.  We here at Lexington Athletic Club strongly recommend his books and website.  Check out one of his newest articles below.  Sign up […]

Burn 500 calories per HOUR!

Two of the funnest classes in the fitness industry are both great calorie burners! According to, Spinning burns 125 calories every 10 minutes.  That means for a 60 minute class you’d burn 750 calories!  So, if you took all 14 of Lexington Athletic Club’s Spinning classes in a week you’d burn a whopping 10,500 calories! […]