LAC: Anniversary SALE!

A great time to join Lexington’s biggest and best health club! Locally owned since 1984. . . . #shoplocal #shoplocalky #sharethelex #fitfam #lexington #kentucky #lexingtonathleticclub A post shared by Lexington Athletic Club (@lexingtonathleticclub) on Sep 27, 2017 at 7:13am PDT *note, this special is not available online.   Lexington Athletic Club 2017 Anniversary Sale

Why its important to be active every day

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Four Things Your Body Wants to Do

by DAVID CSONKA via Naturally Engineered 1. Your body wants to move and to move other things. Our anatomy was naturally engineered to run, crawl, jump, throw, kick, and perform a myriad of other activities that most people have long since relegated to childhood games and sports. Occasionally when I am walking somewhere, I will feel […]

Game-changing nutrition, exercise and lifestyle behaviors (infographic)

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How to Get Big and Strong Without Becoming a Mess

via SpotMeBro and Mark Sisson To gain muscle, we’re told to eat everything in sight. We’re told to drink a gallon of milk a day, or to pour olive oil over a pizza before eating the entire thing in one sitting, or even to eat fast food for every meal – all in the indiscriminate […]

The 5 Training Mistakes You Need to Avoid After 35

via Aging, if done correctly, is full of beauty, comedy, wisdom and enlightenment. It’s a great ride with plenty of ups and downs. You can save yourself years of trouble, pain, and calamity by accepting that successful people adapt to aging, that the rules of biology apply to you, and that education is your best […]

Lexington Athletic Club: Trainer phone list

CrossFit or Yoga?

At Lexington Athletic Club you can do both!  Check out our Yoga and CrossFit schedule HERE. And YES, all of our classes are included in your membership price, which is as LOW as a DOLLAR a DAY! YEP you can get unlimited CrossFit and Yoga at LAC for as little as $29.99 a month. Not […]

Funny video on the gym culture…

…which one fits you?  LOL!

Labor Day Weekend at LAC

HAPPY LABOR DAY!  Club Hours 8/30/14  Saturday: 7am-7pm 8/31/14  Sunday: 8am-8pm 9/01/14  Monday: 5am-11pm   Saturday Classes 9am  Spin Express 9am  Boot Camp 9am  Zumba 10am  Group Power   Sunday Classes 5pm  Zumba 6pm  Spin Express 6pm  Yoga   Monday “Labor Day” 9am Zumba 10am  Boot Camp   Sneak preview of our new fall schedule: […]