Group Exercise

LAC CrossFit: 94 hours of OPEN GYM!

At LAC CrossFit you can have over 94 hours per week of UNLIMITED use of our CrossFit studio.  How does your CrossFit compare? Classes more your thing?  Click HERE for LAC CrossFit Boot Camp schedule. Click HERE for a FREE 4 DAY PASS!

The R3SISTance Featured in Southsider and Chevy Chaser

Lexington Athletic Club CrossFit Boot Camp class is featured in the February 2014 Southsider and Chevy Chaser Magazine. Check out the story here: LINK The R3SISTance meets Thursday morning at 5:30am and Sunday afternoons at 5:00pm…and they are FREE with your LAC membership!      

How Group Exercise Offers a Bigger Calorie Burn

(Learn more about LAC group exercise HERE) Burn More Calories! via Fit Sugar Working out solo can be more convenient, peaceful, and a great time for self-reflection but those reasons won’t do anything to increase your calorie burn. If weight loss and toning up is your main goal, here are some reasons you might want to […]

Lexington Athletic Club: “CrossFit: Boot Camp”

CrossFit: Boot Camp at LAC! Starting March 15, all of our Boot Camp classes will be re-branded as “CrossFit: Boot Camp“.  We will be teaching a health club (globogym :-)) version of the very popular program.  We affiliated with CrossFit earlier this year and have been teaching for-fee main-site CrossFit classes and On-Ramp’s so […]

Burn 500 calories per HOUR!

Two of the funnest classes in the fitness industry are both great calorie burners! According to, Spinning burns 125 calories every 10 minutes.  That means for a 60 minute class you’d burn 750 calories!  So, if you took all 14 of Lexington Athletic Club’s Spinning classes in a week you’d burn a whopping 10,500 calories! […]